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  Enema Cleansing Bulb Blue #AB904

For those who want a quick and easy fix, the CleanStream Enema Bulb is a great option. Fluid is added to the bulb and nozzle screws tight and you are ready to go.The nozzle is a srcew-in system that insures a secure seal. This bulb is perfect for travelling and clean up is simple.

Also available in red (AA505).

Enema Bulb Specs and Benefits:
Size: The bulb is 4.25" in length, 2.75" in width and 9.5" in circumference. The nozzle measures 2.5" of insertable length.
Material: The bulb is made of rubber while the nozzle is made of coated ABS plastic.
Designed for quick and easy enema play without worrying about lengthy setups.